About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is Ruth Oghotuama, Am the MD/CEO Gen129 Natural Solution. A former asthma, Ulcerative Colitis, and  tumor sufferer, Lupus and late stage breast cancer healer. A Nutritionist, Naturepreneur and a life enthusiast. Am a strong believer in activating the healing power in everyone, through plant based diet.

Gen129 Natural Solution was birthed out of a personal health challenge. Some year back I was diagnosed with huge uterine fibroids and cysts in both of my breasts. My doctor recommended a surgery to remove the fibroids but told me that there is a chance of them coming back. He also could not explain the real causes of the tumor growth. Meanwhile nothing was said about the cysts in both of my breasts. This set me on a journey to self-healing.

I spent hours , days, months and years researching on the causes of tumor growth and disease in general. The adventure of reversing recurrence of tumors led me on a journey that gave birth to Gen129 Natural Solution.

My journey unveiled the true caused of disease and how to prevent it, live a drug-free life and reverse all diseases including cancer.

Good new! I was able to naturally shrink the two tumors in my breast, a later cyst in my ovary, and was also able to stop the fibroids from coming back (5 years remission).

My mission is to provide complimentary natural health and wellness support in my community, country and the world at large through information, products and services.

Welcome to my Natural Health & Wellness