It all began September last year, my body suddenly change and I wasn’t feeling as well as I use to. The nature of my Job demands am up and going with so much work to do and task ahead. I am just 38.

I initially thought it was stress and that I was not getting enough rest. So I decided to rest… Yet there was no much change. My health was actually getting worse. I check up with my doctor and I was tested then treated for malaria, I took several dose of antibiotics and different malaria drugs and injections but my health still wasn’t improving. More so I had serious joint pains both on my two kneels and hands, I will wake up in the morning and not be able to move for 5 to 10mins, at a time I started taking pain killers.

I know the manager of Gen129 organic. I just didn’t know why I never took their products serious, So I decided it’s time I try them out. It’s worked like miracle. Gen129 diet plan did the job. All of the unwell feeling and pains I was suffering from was as a result of inflations and toxidity which doctors can’t diagnose.

I followed Gen129 organic strict meal plan, exercise and rest plan. It’s was an instant miracle. I no longer have joint pains, my weight size is normal and am rejuvenated.


Thank you Gen129 organic.