Fertility Detox and Boosting Protocol-30 Days

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Fertility is possible when your body is ready to carry your bundle of joy!

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What is fertility

Fertility is the natural capacity to produce offspring.When a couple is not able to archive this ability, they are termed to be infertile.

The causes of infertility are numerous but can be tied to majors factors such as dysbiosis, toxicity, stress, hormonal imbalance, age, previous pregnancy complications, low sperm counts etc.

The good news is that infertility can be reversed in an short as 90 days.

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→90 days fertility meal plan and recipe
→90 days Body cleansing and healing
→90 Blood Sugar control Smoothie recipe
→90 days Liver Detoxification
→90 days fertility boosting tea
→90 days Consultation and Follow-up
→90 days fertility massage
→90 days hormone balancing technique
→Fertility Fast
→Metabolism boosting recipe
→Easy Home and Office exercise
→Meal prepping Lessons
→Fetility tips
→Fertility Affirmations and Relaxation Techniques

Cost: N50,000.00
Pay to: Gen129 Natural Solution
First Bank Account Number 3139801401


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